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    • Radiant IS dedicated to the discerning, Africa-connected woman

      and her journey to wellness through health, beauty and culture

    • Available in Every Barnes & Noble

      All 630 U.S. chain locations carry our print issue. Along with 30+ independent retailers

      Over 25,000 Subscribers

      Radiant is a bi-annual print and digital publication.

      More Than 100,000 Women

      Participating Our Digital Community

      Monthly Unique Page Views

      3,000+ unique website visitors on average

    • Radiant = The Power of Culture + The Grace of Couture

      Radiant began as Nigeria's leading women's health magazine. After 4 years of growth, we've launched a global platform for vital cultural conversations led by Afro women around the world. From print to social media and email engagement.

      Our Health. Our Heritage. Beautifully Connected.

      Telling our own stories. Taking charge of our wellness. Connect with discerning women of elegance and creative enthusiasm from across the African diaspora. We offer a multi platform experience where your brand comes to life.







    • information for our partners

      How can you help me secure meaningful engagement?

      A few ways we go above and beyond to help you plan for and calculate the true ROI of engaging our audience include:


      - Monthly reporting via Google Analytics and Mention for blog campaigns

      - Social media content included with every campaign

      - Custom geographic and demographic targeting available for email campaigns

      - Custom trackable CTA contact information and response links upon request


      We're proud to be true partners in pursuing meaningful brand growth with our advertisers.

      Why is Radiant different?

      More than a magazine, each printed volume is a beautifully designed coffee table magazine printed on 160 pages of premium paper with a soft touch cover. Our digital brand provides a truly dynamic hub for elegant and bold community engagement. We proudly facilitate the most vital cultural, health and personal development topics for the modern Afro woman.

      Which advertising level is right for my business?

      For all of our partners, we are committed to delivering the engagement and value that fits your goals. And bringing your unique voice to our enthusiastic audience. We're excited to collaborate on the specific plan that meets your needs.


      Global Brands

      High-impact advertisers will receive the widest number and variety of impressions along with deeply customized creative through our print advertising.


      Local Business

      We've created a range of campaigns for local artisans and service providers to benefit from hyper-targeted reach to increase brand awareness.

      Contact us at advert@radianthealthmag.com to begin crafting your successful campaign.

      What is the publishing timeline for the print edition?

      Radiant is a semi-annual publication with two editorial pressings per year

      May Issue
      Ad Booking: March 21
      Ad Close: March 28
      On Sale: May 16


      November Issue
      Ad Booking: August 15
      Ad Close: August 22
      On Sale: November 7

    • Print advertising

      Rates from $7,500

      Full Page + Double Page Spread (DPS) Placements Available

    • Instagram sponsored posts

      Rates from $250

      Custom Brand Focused Content

    • Lifestyle Blog

      Rates from $1,000

      Unique Advertorial or Interview Content

    • Local Business market Place

      Rates from $750

      Written + Visual Product Features

    • Targeted email messages

      Rates from $500

      Weekly Newsletter Spotlight


      Rates from $1500

      Giveaways + Visual Product Features